5 Items You'll Want to Bring to the Office

With millions of US citizens vaccinated and counting, some organizations are looking at returning to the office. As we start considering going back, we’re excited to be around co-workers again. However, there are some freedoms we’ll definitely miss.

We’ve compiled our top five products for making your transition back to the workplace an easier one.

1. If you’ll miss sitting with your feet up.

If you’re like us, you’ve probably gotten used to occasionally working from the couch.The StrongTek Slant Board makes a perfect under the desk footrest. Plus, its stylish wood design makes it ideal for bringing to the office. What is a slant board?

2. If you’ll miss being more active during the day.

Working from home has plenty of pros and cons, but by far the nicest benefit is being able to sneak in a midday workout or take a stroll around the neighborhood. The StrongTek Wooden Balance Board is the perfect match for a standing desk. Use one to keep your core engaged throughout the day. Why should I use a wooden balance board?

3. If you’ll miss your comfy chair.

Office chairs don’t have to be uncomfortable! A set of StrongTek Foam Yoga Wedges will make any desk chair more comfortable while improving your posture at the same time! Explore more ways to use your foam yoga wedges!

4. If you want to fidget without bothering your coworkers.

The StrongTek Wooden Rocker Board is quiet and discreet. Letting you rock your feet while working, without bothering your coworkers. It’s great for improving focus and the perfect gift for your coworker who’s always tapping their foot.

5. If you’re not ready to give up the comforts of your home bathroom.

The StrongTek Toilet Stool is an aesthetically designed toilet stool you won’t be embarrassed to bring to work. Leave it in the work bathroom to make your experience faster and easier. Are you pooping incorrectly? Plus, your coworkers will enjoy it too! 

If you’re not ready to go to the office yet…

We’re here for you too! We’ve got plenty of resources for improving your home office setup, staying active at home, and more. 

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