How to Stay Active at Home

More than three-quarters of US adults say they want to be fit. But, most of those same adults aren't even active regularly. If you're in that boat, we get it! It feels great to be fit and in-shape, but it sucks to pay for a gym membership and have to find the time each day to make it over there.

With the recent pandemic, many individuals have lost the option of going to a gym completely. This poses the question: how can adults stay active at home, without it consuming their entire life?

You can break an effective workout down to five steps. Starting at just two or three times each week is plenty to get yourself started, and it's easily adaptable for any skill level.

Have kids at home? Encourage them to join in! You'll set healthy habits together and give them an outlet for their energy (we can't promise they won't still be peeking in on your conference call).

warm up at home

Start with a warm-up.

This is the most important part of your workout. You need to warm your muscles up, before you try to stretch or strengthen them. If the weather is nice, go for a walk or light bike ride. If you happen to have equipment and prefer to stay inside, a mile on the treadmill or stationary bike works well too.

Get your blood flowing with a well-rounded cardio set.

After getting warmed up, you can start to step it up. Walk or bike a little faster, do step aerobics, or jump rope. Get your heart pumping!

If you've got kids, go on an imaginary adventure. Try marching, skipping, crawling, and more!

work out from home

Increase your endurance with resistance strength conditioning.

If you have small weights, this is the time to get those out. Otherwise, implement other strength-building exercises like:

  • Squats
  • Push-ups or tricep dips
  • Sit-ups or crunches

stretch at home

Streeeeeetch yourself.

Try some yoga poses to work on your flexibility. Yoga With Adriene is a great resource for yogis of all levels. Start with beginner poses and work yourself up gradually, just like any other exercise.

Cool down.

The end of your workout can be just like your warmup. Slow it down. Make sure you're breathing and remember to hydrate!

Continue to stay active at home.

As your workout gets easier, look for ways to step them up to the next level. Run a little faster, for a little longer. Add additional weight or do more reps. There is no secret remedy for staying healthy; it's about doing what's right for your body.

Set a goal that works for you. Don't try to go from doing little to working out every day. You'll over-exert yourself and be discouraged. Take everything at your own pace and it will get easier as it goes.

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