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Our Journey & Mission

In 2016, two brothers, jumpstarted StrongTek, after struggling with chronic back pain due to years spent sitting at office jobs. David, a data scientist 🥷 and Eric, an ex-NASA engineer 🤖, started their business with the mission to develop quality products, at a reasonable price.

The company started with just one product, our original Slant Board, and rapidly expanded. Today, StrongTek has created a full line of unique physical therapy and yoga equipment and, in addition to thousands of consumers who love StrongTek products, physical therapy centers, chiropractic clinics, and rehabilitation centers choose StrongTek as their official supplier of health and fitness equipment.

From the very beginning, StrongTek has sought to decrease global consumption by creating sustainable products. Consisting of senior engineers, physicists, and clinicians, StrongTek strives to develop the highest quality products, made from eco-friendly materials, that outperform typical workout equipment.

Our commitment to developing innovative, stylish, and comfortable products is making an enormous impact, not just on sports and fitness enthusiasts, but anyone looking to easily incorporate more activity into their day.

Whether you’re a health professional, athlete, or simply interested in maintaining better wellness, you can enhance your lifestyle and fitness performance by stretching and practicing balance with our ergonomically designed equipment. You’ll see an increase in ease of movement and better posture, creating a happier, more active life.

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