How Can I Use a Wooden Balance Board for Upper Body Strength?

By incorporating a wooden balance board in your fitness routine, you increase your focus on your abdominal muscles and can get more out of a workout. Explore how you can step your normal workout up with a balance board.

The beauty of a wooden balance board is in its versatility. You don’t need to stand on your balance board to incorporate it into your workout; it’s also an excellent accessory for stepping up your push-ups.

Start by placing your board on a flat surface. If you’re not used to the non-slip surface of the balance board on your arms, you may want to use socks or a t-shirt.

Place your hands on the edges of the balance board, without gripping around the edge. Start on your knees, then begin to lower yourself and bend the elbows slightly, then bring yourself back up. 

Once you’re ready to step it up, come to plank position and balance. You can alternate which side you press your weight into, swaying back and forth. (Just swaying here is a GREAT ab workout!) 


As you’re comfortable, you can take it one step forward and lower yourself all the way down, bending your elbows. Exhale and push yourself back up to plank position.

Looking for more ways to incorporate a wooden balance board into your normal fitness routine? Check out this video to learn how.

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