Ditch the Gym, Workout From Home: Getting Started

woman working out from home

In 2020, we saw how unnecessary offices were for many jobs as individuals were able to continue seamlessly working from home. The water cooler isn’t the only place that has become irrelevant. Many fitness enthusiasts have learned that they can get the same benefits from going to the gym, from the safety of their home.

If your gym has been flooded with tons of newcomers armed with fresh resolutions, now is the perfect opportunity to try working out from home. In this article, we’ll explore some top tips for getting a great workout in, without leaving your house.

Set goals for your workout.

The best way to kick off a working out from home habit is by setting goals and intentions. Decide what you want to accomplish with your workouts and write it down. Keep your goals in your phone’s notes app for a reminder when you need it.  If you’re in need of extra motivation, consider using an app like Streaks to keep track of how often you work out.

You can also print your goals out and pin them up as a reminder of what you’re working toward.

Make a schedule for working out from home.

When you plan to workout at home, it’s easy to assume you’ll just fit it in your day sometime before bed. Unfortunately, when you use this strategy, life always gets in the way. 

Instead, prioritize your workouts and set a schedule you can keep. Block off time for working out, just like you would for an appointment or meeting.

Grab your favorite workout gear.

Do you avoid working out at home because you feel like you need equipment? The truth is, you don’t need any expensive machinery to get a great workout in at home. However, a few affordable accessories can amp up your routine and make it more enjoyable at the same time.

We recommend…

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Choose a designated workout space.

Just like blocking off time for working out can help, blocking off space for working out is beneficial. If you have to clean your living room, relocate furniture, or otherwise work to make your workout space accessible, you’re creating too many barriers for yourself.

Additionally, if you place your equipment in plain sight, you’ll likely find yourself more inclined to pick up a piece of equipment and get a quick workout in if you have a moment of free time.  

This can be a great place to showcase your goals. Pin up your favorite inspirational posters on the walls and use this space to store your gear.

ask an accountability partner for help when working out from home

Ask for help from an accountability partner.

Now is a common time to embark on journeys toward new goals. You may find that your friends and family are also looking to implement healthier habits in the new year. Ask if you can be accountability partners. You can share your goals with your partner, then check in with them regularly to see how you’re both doing.

By having to give someone else a status update on your progress, you’ll be more likely to follow through on your commitments. It’s nice to encourage each other and help provide reminders when you’re struggling.

If you don’t have access to a fitness-inclined pal, there are plenty of online communities that you can participate in. Some of the most popular Subreddits include r/fitness and r/loseit. These can be great opportunities if you’re looking for extra motivation.

Track your progress. 

By keeping track of how many reps or amount of weight you use, you'll see your progression over time and be encouraged to keep setting new personal records. Don’t forget to celebrate your achievements along the way!

Queue up workout resources.

Working out from home doesn’t mean you have to come up with your entire fitness routine yourself. There are tons of resources online for every type of workout you can imagine.

Right here on our blog, we roll out tons of new tutorials and resources every month. We also have workout videos and product guides available on our YouTube channel.

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