Gym Bag Necessities for 2021

women working out togetherPlanning on heading to the gym for your New Years’ resolutions? Your sweat sesh will be most effective, and safe when you keep the following in your bag.


It’s imperative that you stay hydrated during your workout! The best way to do this is to keep a water bottle in your bag. Fill it up at home so you can avoid touching the public water fountains at the gym.

person filling reusable water bottle to bring on their workout

Notepad or phone for note-taking

If you set SMART goals (check out our article on New Years’ resolutions to learn more), you’ll need a way to track your progress. Keep a notepad or a note on your Notes app with your workout, progress, and more. 

A buddy (safely)

Well, maybe not in your bag. If you can bring a friend to the gym in-person, awesome. If not, use apps to connect digitally. Having an accountability partner is huge for accomplishing your goals! Grab a friend with similar goals and work out a plan for how you’ll hold each other accountable. With fitness apps on your phone, it’s easier than ever to start a safe competition with your friend for steps, calories burned, and more.


Don’t forget your mask if you’re headed to a gym in-person. As cold & flu season rolls in, in the middle of higher-than-ever COVID-19 numbers, it’s important to keep yourself safe and healthy.

use hand sanitizer at the gym

Hand sanitizer

Grab some hand sanitizer to use in-between machines in addition to wiping equipment down before and after use. Not only will this kill any germs you may pick up from the equipment, but it will also kill any germs you may be spreading, keeping other gym-goers safe.


Don’t let unruly gym thieves swipe your important valuables during your routine. A classic combination lock like the one you used in high school works perfectly without busting your budget. However, if you feel like getting extra fancy, there are more expensive options with Bluetooth and fingerprint-reading capabilities.

Bluetooth headphones

If you have them, bring your Bluetooth headphones to the gym so you can listen to your favorite workout playlist, hands-free. 

Gym towel

Avoid handling questionably washed gym towels by supplying your own, fresh towel from home. It’s common courtesy to pat yourself dry to prevent puddles of sweat to accumulate on the equipment you’re using. 

Home workout necessities

Working out from home because your gym is closed, you want to stay safe, or just because you prefer it? Water, notes, and your buddy are all still needed, but you can swap the hand sanitizer and mask for some of the below equipment!

hedgehog balance pods for home workout

Hedgehog balance pods

Hedgehog balance pods are an incredibly versatile workout tool that can be implemented into your routine in a variety of ways. 

Wobble balance board

Use a wobble balance board to add a new level of difficulty to all your workouts. From yoga poses to core work and more, a wobble balance board is perfect for engaging your abs, glutes, and increasing the difficulty of your workout.

strongtek foam yoga wedge for home workout

Foam wedges

Use foam wedges to level up your planks, push-ups, sit-ups, and more. Check out exercises for beginners and advanced users.

Stay well, be strong

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