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Advanced Yoga Wedge Exercises

Once you’ve become familiar with the beginner yoga wedge exercises you might find yourself asking, “what’s next?”. If that’s the case, this is the ideal article for you! By choosing to include the yoga foam wedges in your workout routine, you will activate typically unused or difficult-to-activate muscles. 


Using foam wedges while performing squats allows you to achieve greater muscle activation due to the angle of the wedge — this results in a deeper, more effective squat. 

To begin, simply place both of the yoga wedges about shoulder-width apart. 

Now, place one foot on each of the wedges. Your toes should be facing the declined angle of the wedge. 

Once your feet are properly positioned on the board, begin bending your ankles and squatting normally (see above photo). Take your time to realize what your limits are and how safely you can go down. Remember: progress is made over time, not instantaneously!

Single-Leg Forward Bend

This exercise is great for boosting independent leg stability - a necessary component for long-distance runners and ballet dancers. 

Start this exercise by placing a single yoga wedge on the ground. Your toes should be facing the declined angle of the wedge.

After firmly securing your foot and becoming comfortable, begin raising your other leg backward. Note: your leg should remain slightly bent and never locked into position. 

Once your other leg is extended backward, begin letting your arms dangle in front of you. This will help you maintain your balance and help deepen the stretch. 

Hold for approximately 15 seconds and then alternate to the other leg before repeating the same process over again. 

Calf Stretch

This stretch is ideal for warming up before or after playing sports or running. Due to the compact nature of the wedge blocks and provided carrying bag, they're incredibly easy to transport to and from the gym. 

To set up for this exercise, stack both of your foam wedges on top of each other. 

Then, position one foot so the lowest incline is toward your heel and bend your back leg. 

Then, straighten your back leg and apply about 50% of your body weight onto the wedge. Try to bring your chest close to your thigh as you feel a stretch in your calf and hamstring.

Continue slowly bending and straightening your back leg to get a deeper stretch!

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