An Introductory Guide to Using Hedgehog Balance Pods

If you’ve recently found out about the benefits of improving your balance, incorporating Hedgehog Balance Pods is a great way to do precisely that. These balance pods allow you to adjust the amount of air inside them, giving you the ultimate tool that continues to grow alongside you as you enhance your balance.

Why balance pods?

StrongTek balance pods offer a versatile and extremely customizable experience. Whether you’re a devout athlete or a newcomer to exercising, balance pods allow you to perform a variety of different exercises with increasing difficulty as you become more proficient. Due to their compact design, balance pods can easily be brought from room to room as well as stashed away in luggage when going on vacation.

Balance pods can be used for a plethora of exercises, ranging from both upper body and lower. Popular uses include crunches, lunges, and pushups. What makes balance pods unique is the ability to quickly alternate between different setups without wasting time.

Setting up your balance pods.

Inside the box, you’ll receive four half-circle hedgehog pods, one balance disk, and a hand pump. There are limitless opportunities for you to explore (more on that later!). The first thing you’ll want to do is to examine how much air is in your pods. The more air inside, the more difficult it will be to balance…the less air inside, the easier it will be to balance. Use the hand pump to easily adjust the air level inside the pods as necessary. 

Getting to know your balance pods.

Unless you’re a seasoned veteran of using this style of equipment, we recommend spending a few moments familiarizing yourself with the balance pods. Start by placing two of the hedgehog pods down on the ground and stand on them. You can do this either barefoot, with socks, or with shoes. Try a few different ways to decide what feels most comfortable to you. We suggest placing your balance pods by a sofa or something else you can grab onto for support while you’re first getting your bearings. 

The soft, flexible nubs on the hedgehogs are extremely helpful for improving the blood flow within your feet and provide traction. Due to their thoughtful design, the hedgehog pods can also double as a massage aid. 

Now, for the balance disk. Place the disc on the ground and sit on it. Position your feet in front of you, with your legs bent. Place your hands by your side to provide additional support if needed. Once comfortable, begin rocking back and forth. This will allow you to locate your center of gravity on the pod.

Starting out.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the balance pods, it’s time to start trying some additional exercises.

Modified Crunches

Just like when you were getting started, place the balance disc on the ground and sit on it. Once comfortably positioned with your feet in front, begin to elevate your feet while keeping your hands planted firmly on the ground. Then, pull your legs close to your chest like so:


Once you’ve mastered that move, try Modified Bicycle Kicks by alternating which knee you pull into your chest:


These two exercises are great for engaging and toning your abdominal muscles and can easily be done while watching your favorite show or movie! 

These two exercises are great for engaging and toning your abdominal muscles, and you can easily do them while watching your favorite show or movie! 

Finally, let’s move onto one more exercise that we recommend for beginners.

Modified Lunges

We recommend standing by a couch or another sturdy fixture for support the first few times you do this exercise. Tip: do this exercise with shoes if you need extra traction!

To begin, place the disc flat on the ground and place your foot directly in the center.

Now, position your other leg behind the disc and extend both of your arms straight out to the side. 

Once you’re feeling comfortably balanced, proceed with the traditional lung movement:


Get creative with your balance pods.

Hedgehog balance pods are unique because of their versatility. From crunches to lunges and more, balance pods can amp up of the difficulty of any workout routine.


We hope this guide was helpful for you to begin utilizing your Hedgehog Balance Pods! Stay tuned for more advanced exercises that incorporate both the pods and the balance disc!

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Stay strong and be well.

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