Why Should I Use a Wooden Balance Board?

strongtek wooden balance board

Many of us spend 8+ hours sitting at our desks each day. This time is typically very inactive, most people only get up for lunch and bathroom breaks. There are many health concerns related to spending this much time sitting still each day.

When you spend extended periods of time sitting still, you’re more likely to become obese, experience increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer. Incorporating more physical activity into your workday can help, but might not be a viable solution for everyone.

Enter: the wooden balance board.

What is a balance board?

Typically, a balance board is made of wood or plastic. They’re the size of a footstool and have an arched bottom, creating an axis to balance on. Their small, compact size makes them ideal for use under a desk.

Why is core strength so important for the human body?

Core muscles are far more important than just aesthetics. In fact, core exercises actually train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen to work in cooperation. As a result of improving this muscular harmony, you’ll experience better balance and stability, whether that’s in physical activity or in your daily life.

What are the benefits of a wooden balance board?

When you use a balance board at work, you engage your core and activate a variety of muscle groups. In doing this, you’re actively fighting the harmful impacts of sitting all day long, helping you to avoid obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

It’s important to recognize that doing 1 hour of physical exercise each day is essentially “undone” by 8 hours each day spent sitting. When you incorporate a bit of activity throughout your entire day, you’re avoiding the metabolic and muscular damage done by spending an entire day sitting still.

woman using balance board at work

How do I use a wooden balance board at work?

A wooden balance board is ideal for use at work - where most people spend their most idle time. Though these also work well on planes, at home, or anywhere you’re spending extended time sitting still.

Using a balance board at work is generally unobtrusive and your coworkers aren’t likely to notice. It’s as easy as placing it beneath your sitting or standing desk. You rest your feet (when sitting) or stand on it while at your desk. Doing so engages your core muscles, keeps you alert, and more.

What are some basic balance board exercises for beginners?

Most anyone can use a balance board. Explore this tutorial video to get started. 

Interested in combatting the harmful health impacts created by spending 8+ hours each day idle at a desk? A wooden balance board is an easy—and impactful—solution that can be used anywhere.

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