5 Underrated Uses For Yoga Foam Wedges

Foam wedges and blocks are extremely helpful when trying new yoga poses and exercises, whether beginner or advanced, but did you know there are multiple underrated uses for them? While the products are designed with fitness in mind, several of our customers have shared different ways they’re using the products around the house. If you’re looking for additional ideas for what to do with yoga foam blocks, check out these resources.

#1 Knee pads

Are your knees aching after installing new flooring or working on some kitchen plumbing? Kneeling for hours on a hard surface is less than ideal. The next time you’re working on a house project, try slipping a pair of foam yoga wedges under your knees for maximum comfortability.

#2 Painting canvas stand

The slight angle allows you to easily prop up your canvas on a flat surface. This is ideal for spaces that don’t have enough room for an oversized easel. Regardless of the size of canvas you’re working on, you can easily adjust the width between the two to fit with any sized canvas to easily view your painting surface.

#3 Laptop stand

Tired of having your laptop overheat when using your laptop on the couch? You can avoid roasting your legs by placing a yoga foam wedge on your lap. Not only will this allow for additional airflow to allow your laptop to cool faster, but this slight angle of the foam wedge will also make typing easier and reduce eye strain. 

#4 Car gap filler

You’re getting out of your car and you drop your cell phone or keys into the crack between the seats and your phone is seemingly gone forever-- everybody has done it at least once! A simple fix to this common problem is by tucking a foam yoga wedge in between these troubling spots to prevent small, easily lost items from getting stuck.

#5 Seat cushion

Unless you have an expensive and ergonomic desk chair for your home office, sitting on an unpadded chair for extended periods of time can cause aches and pains throughout your entire body. These aches and pains can easily be remedied by placing a yoga foam wedge on the seat. If you’re looking for further comfortability, try sliding a second wedge between your back. 

What creative uses do you use your StrongTek products for? We’d love to hear what alternative uses you come up with! We’re constantly rolling out additional tutorials, helpful tips, and other resources to help you stay healthy both mentally and physically. Please subscribe to our newsletter to get our most recent articles delivered straight to your inbox. As a bonus, subscribers will receive exclusive offers and inside information about upcoming products.
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