How to Sneak More Activity Into Your Day

Now that COVID-19 cases are rising again driving gym closures and the weather is cooling down, it’s becoming harder to get workouts in. Plus, with it being darker longer it’s hard to find the motivation to get out of bed, let alone workout. However, as we approach seasonal depression time, working out more can be a great way to improve your overall mood and stay mentally healthy.

By incorporating more small bursts of activity throughout your day, you’ll be able to make fitness a part of your daily routine and find time you didn’t even know you had!

woman stretching

Alter your mindset.

Start by changing the way you think about exercise. Use mindfulness to reset your perception of exercise — it’s not a chore you have to do, it’s a self-care activity you get to do. Focus on how good for you and productive working out is.

Ditch transportation for an extra workout.

If you can, ride a bike or walk to work! If not, park at the back of the parking lot to get a longer walk in. You can do this whenever you run errands too!

Jam out.

This is a great one to do together with kids. Turn on your favorite song and do some high energy dancing! In fact, dancing burns just as many calories as lifting weights for the same period of time.

Integrate fitness into your workspace.

Make physical activity a more cohesive part of your routine by incorporating fitness into your workplace. Try items like a balance boards, rocker boards, or even standing desks. Make it easy to stay active right at your desk and you’ll always have reminders around you!

woman lunging

Say goodbye to idle time.

If you’re waiting for food in the microwave, the printer, or even brushing your teeth, get a little more active. Try squatting, lunging, or doing arm circles!

Turn your binge sesh into a sweat sesh.

Leisurely TV time occupies nearly 3 hours each day for the average American (aka 1/8th of your day!). Take 30 minutes out of your TV time as “active” watching time. You can still watch TV during this time, but not sitting. Instead, try squatting, crunching, or planking. You can even throw a balance board into the mix.

Get creative!

As the weather continues to cool down it may be more difficult to have typical workouts outside. As cases rise, we may see gyms continue to shut down as well. In order to continue getting regular exercise in, get creative! There are many ways you can incorporate fitness into your day, just find the ways that work best for you. For example, as the snow starts collecting, shoveling may be on your list of chores. Look at clearing snow as another way to get a workout in — you’re lifting weights, engaging different muscles groups, and definitely sweating!

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