How to Start Your Day with Mindfulness

Even the CDC notes that pandemics are stressful! Now that all the stressors from the pandemic (fear of the virus, unknown future, changing plans) have combined with the stress of returning to school and a full-swing presidential election, people are as stressed as ever.

Stress can have tons of negative impacts on your body, such as clenched muscles, poor sleep, digestion problems, high blood pressure, and more. Further, it can damage your relationships, especially if you’ve been cooped up at home with family this whole time. It’s important to develop healthy coping mechanisms and routines for minimizing your stress.

Implementing a morning mindfulness practice can be a great way to certain your mind and reduce stress at the beginning of each day. 

Resist the urge to start scrolling. You’ll be scrolling all day. No need to get an early start on it! If you have an alarm set on your phone, shut it off and put it back on your charger. Take a few minutes to do the next few activities, without checking your email.


Set your intentions. Think through what you want to accomplish for the day. You don’t need to think through every task — try to limit yourself to 3-4 large goals.

Align your posture. Use a cervical stretcher to align your spine. Place the stretcher under your neck to reset your spine and alleviate any kinks you may have gotten overnight. Envision your posture while you stretch, and try to maintain good posture until you got to bed again.

Make time for yourself. Right now, it might be hard to get time to yourself. Especially if you have little ones at home. Make it a priority to take a few minutes for yourself to meditate, practice mindfulness, or just enjoy some peace and quiet.

Build-in something to look forward to. Have a hard time getting out of bed? Turn it into a reward — make yourself your favorite breakfast the night before or leave time to work on a personal project. As long as it’s something that excites you.

There are tons of benefits to implementing mindfulness, and as we potentially enter a second stage of lockdown, it’s important to have strategies for coping with stress.

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