Fitness Holiday Gift Guide For Your Loved Ones

Every holiday season, there’s always that one family member or friend that’s impossible to shop for. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite products that will be an ideal present, regardless of how tricky they are to shop for! Perhaps you’ll even find something to treat yourself to on the list, as well. 

The Athlete

Is there someone in your life that is obsessed with health and wellness? Look no further, here are several gifts that they’ll adore. 

Oval Balance Board

This multi-functional device allows you to increase the difficulty of your pushups, squats, lunges, and more. Due to its unique design, the oval balance board helps activate core muscles that can be difficult to engage. 

Trigger Point Massager

Unfortunately, even the most devoted athletes get injured on occasion. The trigger point massager allows your loved one to relax and massage hurting muscles before or after a workout to prevent the likelihood of injury. The versatile design can be used on arms, legs, the neck, and feet. Check out this guide for even more ways to get the most out of a trigger point massager.

The Professional

Is there a family member of yours that is always working? With many of us working from home nowadays, make sure that this person has the necessary materials to stay productive within the comfort of their own home. 

Anti-Fatigue Balance Board

The anti-fatigue balance board helps busy workers get the most out of their standing desk setup. By providing a surface that is slightly curved, it assists with keeping your body active and engaged throughout the workday. 

Under Desk Footrest

This is the ideal device for those who use a traditional sitting desk in their office. The ergonomic design allows you to keep your feet elevated throughout the workday, while also giving you something to fidget with to help stay focused. Keeping your feet elevated also helps improve circulation and energy. 

Neck Stretcher and Cervical Traction Device

With the transition to remote work, we’re starting to spend more time staring at our electronic devices throughout the day. With this increase in technology use comes the likelihood of increased neck and shoulder pain from being hunched over. This neck stretcher and cervical traction device provides relief by gently alleviating tension in your back with only 5 minutes per day. 

The Yogi

Help your friends and family members increase the effectiveness of their yoga routines with these products. In an already stressful year, many of us are looking for additional ways to become mindful throughout our day-to-day lives. 

Foam Balance Pads

These lightweight and durable cushions provide increased comfortability for the knees, feet, and head when performing a variety of yoga maneuvers. Each set comes with a velcro strip so they can easily be placed together to make one large pad or separated for two smaller blocks. 

Foam Wedges

These portable wedges allow you to properly stretch and warm-up prior to your yoga routine. The angled design helps get a deeper, more effective stretch that helps make your muscles more effective and flexible.

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