Trigger Point Massager - Not Just for Athletes

With nearly a quarter of American adults reporting some amount of chronic pain in 2016, it’s safe to say that muscle fatigue and ailments don’t only happen to the dedicated athlete. 
Consider tendinitis. This condition is often seen in individuals who participate in physical hobbies involving repetitive movements, such as bowling, tennis, and basketball. However, tendonitis can also be triggered by work related activities including:
  • Typing on a computer for hours everyday
  • Repeatedly lifting things
  • Scanning items at a grocery store
Whether you already have a tendon-related ailment or want to prevent getting one such as lateral epicondylitis, medial epicondylitis, or tendinitis, implementing a trigger point massage roller can be incredibly beneficial for providing much-needed relief and relaxation. 
The multi-functionality of these style of massagers allow you to use them on a multitude of body parts - wherever your comfort may be flaring up. Common areas include arms, legs, forearms, and the neck. 
A point massager has little to no zero curve, making it a practical choice for individuals of all ages.  Simply place the massager around the desired area like in the images below and begin rolling the massager back and forth for approximately 10 minutes.
If you have multiple bothersome areas, just move onto the next area after completing the previous. 
While you may feel immediate relief after the first use, it’s important to continue massaging with the device every day in order to achieve the desired results.
Additionally, feel free to use the device after any period of physical activity. The massaging nibs on the device will help release lactic acid buildup and help aid in a quicker recovery time. 
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