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Yoga Wedge Exercises for Beginners

Practicing yoga is an incredibly beneficial routine that can be useful for increasing flexibility and helping with minor ailments. However, you might find yourself intimidated by some of the complex poses and unsure about where to begin.
Have no fear, though! With the use of a yoga foam wedge you can begin wading into the world of yoga one stretch at a time. 
These 4 entry-level yoga exercises provide basic to properly learn your way around a yoga wedge.


Tone your thighs with this fast and simple move.
Simply place your yoga wedge on the ground with the smallest incline facing yourself. If you have multiple wedges, you can put them side-by-side to give yourself additional space. 
After wedges are in place, position your knees about halfway up the wedge or wherever feels most comfortable to you.
Now, cross your arms against your chest and slowly begin to lean back until your thighs and lower legs form a 45-degree angle. Hold this position for approximately 2-3 seconds.


Get your rear into gear by targeting your glutes.

Similar to the thigh leanback, you will want to position one yoga wedge on the ground with the smallest incline facing yourself.
Once the wedge is in place, scoot your knees about one-quarter of the way up the wedge and position your hands in front of you about a foot away from the wedge.
After you've locked into position, begin lifting your leg straight up and towards the ceiling. Be sure to maintain a 90-degree angle with your legs.
Tip: Be sure to keep your back as straight and flat as possible when doing this exercise. This ensures that proper form is being replicated and you're targeting all of the right muscles.


Add this complementary exercise for maximum results.
Get into the same position as you would with a donkey kick. However, instead of kicking your legs out toward the ceiling, this time you will be raising your leg to the side.
Just as you would with the donkey kick, be sure to keep your back as straight and flat as possible.


Strengthen your core with this classic move.


Crunches are popular for good reason: they're incredibly effective for targeting and working your core muscles. By utilizing the yoga wedge, you're able to easily transition to this exercise.
To begin, place the wedge on the ground. Place your butt just on the edge of the wedge closest to the ground.
Then, slide your feet approximately 2-3 feet in front of you. Be sure to keep your feet flat against the ground and maintain a bent knee.
Finally, cross your arms so your elbows are pointed directly out in front of you.
Once you're in position, begin to lean back until your back is flush against the wedge. Once flush, begin to slowly pull yourself upwards. Use your elbows as an indicator for hard far you should go - once your elbows touch your knees, it's time to gradually lower yourself back onto the wedge.
Over time, the combination of these 4 exercises allow you to become well-acquainted with your yoga wedge.
Stay tuned for additional routines that you can implement!