Ab Exercises For Hedgehog Balance Pods

Now that you’ve successfully gotten a solid glute workout in, it’s time to hit those abdominal muscles! In this article, we’re going to discuss two unique exercises that are sure to give you a fantastic core workout. Both of these exercises involve the use of StrongTek Hedgehog Balance Pods. This set of 5 inflatable tools allows you to create extremely customized workouts based on your own body’s needs.

Hedgehog Pod Planks

We’re all familiar with planks and how helpful they are for targeting your abdominal muscles. These are a great move to incorporate into your WFH workout routine because of how effective they are (plus, it doesn’t require much space).

To begin, place all 4 pods on the ground so your toes and palms of your hands can comfortably reach each pod. Then, maintain the traditional plank position. 

If you’re interested in increasing the difficulty even more, try lifting one leg like so:

Or, try lifting a hand like this:

The Hedgehog Walk

This final exercise is one that will surely help activate your core muscles and stability.

To begin, place the four hedgehog pods on the ground, equidistant apart with the blue disc in the middle. Adjust the air pressure to your desired level by using the included air pump (remember: the more inflated the pods are, the more difficult it will be to maintain balance). 

Once your hedgehog pods and disc are in place, begin stepping across them:

This might take some getting used to, so it’s a good idea to have a few stable chairs nearby to grab onto just in case you need additional support. 

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Stay strong and be well.

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