Why Proprioception is so Important (And How to Improve It)

Do you remember tipping your chair back in school, balancing on the back legs? There was always a split-second moment where you knew you would fall and you’d either adjust in time or keel over and fall. That split-second is your proprioceptive sense kicking in.

Strengthening this sense can help athletes improve their performance and help everyone avoid injuries. This article will explore what proprioception is, why it’s important to work on, and how you can improve yours.

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What is proprioception?

According to Healthline, proprioception can be defined as “the body’s ability to sense its location, movements, and actions.”

One example of using your proprioceptive sense is when you carry a big box down the stairs. It’s a little awkward at first, but then, even though you can’t see the stairs, you get the hang of it. Your proprioceptive sense allows you to understand where your body is in relation to other objects in space.

Why care about proprioception? 

After an injury, and especially with age, your proprioceptive sense begins to fade. It’s important to keep your senses sharp to improve the ease of mobility.

Strengthening your ability to recognize where your body is in space, in relation to other objects is significantly beneficial for both injury prevention and injury rehabilitation. Focusing on your movements and positioning in space can help you avoid (or at least minimize) injuries. Doing the same after an injury can help you rehabilitate and get back to normal faster.

How can individuals improve their proprioception?

A balance board is perfect for improving proprioceptive senses. When you use one regularly, your body learns how to react and make effective adjustments to maintain balance on an unstable surface. Check out these exercises you can try at home to improve your proprioception!

Convenient Ways to Strengthen Your Proprioception

Getting Started with a Balance Board

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Glute Exercises for Hedgehog Balance Pods

Intermediate-Advanced Balance Board Exercises

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Glute Exercises for Balance Boards

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