How Can I Strengthen My Glutes With a Wooden Balance Board?

By incorporating a wooden balance board in your fitness routine, you increase your focus on your abdominal muscles and can get more out of a workout. Explore how you can improve your dated workout with a balance board.

Place your wooden rocker board on a flat surface. Take a wide stance, placing your feet at the very edges of the board.  

Find your balance, then begin to do squats. Just like a normal squat, keep your quads parallel to the ground and your chest and shoulders lifted. 

Unlike a normal squat, you will feel some wobbles. Take this nice and slow, pressing into your hips and heels. Try to stabilize as much as possible by squeezing your core.

Maintain your core above the balance point, letting your knees and hips do the work.

Looking for more ways to incorporate a wooden balance board into your normal fitness routine? Check out this video to learn how.

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