Best StrongTek Products for At-home Ab Workouts

at home ab work out

Whether you’re not ready to go back to the gym yet, prefer working out at home, or want to sneak a workout in at work, these four StrongTek products are perfect for getting an ab workout at home. Continue reading to learn some of the best at-home ab workouts.

StrongTek Foam Wedge

The StrongTek Foam Wedge is an incredibly versatile tool, with its lightweight and compact size making it easy to transport & store. Whether you want to get some planks in on your lunch break or from home, the StrongTek foam wedge is a great way to amp up your workout.

Foam Yoga Wedge Planks

foam wedge plank tutorial

Foam yoga wedges can be used to increase the intensity of planks in a few ways. Use them under your hands or forearms for a slightly increased challenge. Or, place your toes on the wedges for a more advanced challenge.

Foam Yoga Wedge Side Planks

Similarly, you can use a foam yoga wedge under your forearm or hand in a side plank.

StrongTek Wooden Balance Board

The StongTek Wooden Balance Board is another tool that’s easy to use at home or leave at the office!

Balance Board Planks

At home, your StrongTek wooden balance board can be great for making your planks more challenging. Either place your hands or your toes on either side of the board. Then balance while maintaining a plank position. 

Want to be challenged more? If you’re balancing on your hands, alternate lifting one foot up. If you have your feet on the board, alternate lifting one arm in front of you.

Balance Board + Standing Desk

At work, your StrongTek wooden balance board is the perfect companion to a standing desk. Stand on your balance board while using your desk. You’ll be forced to keep your core engaged to maintain your balance. Even using a balance board for an hour each workday can be a great way to ward off ailments associated with sitting for prolonged periods.

StrongTek Slant Board

The StrongTek Slant Board can be multi-functional. Use it as a footrest in your home office or under your desk at work, then pull it out for your ab work out.

Slant Board Muscle Ups

Place the slant board directly under your shoulders in plank position. Start with both hands on the board, then step your hands out to either side of the slant board. Move one hand back to the starting position, then the other. Repeat and be sure to alternate which arm you start with.

You can also do the same thing with your feet on the board. Step out, then step back in, alternating your starting leg for an even workout.

StrongTek Foam Block

Another multi-functional tool, the StrongTek foam block is ideal for making any chair more comfortable for sitting for long periods of time. The foam block is also great for ab exercises. 

Foam Block Muscle Ups

Follow the instructions for slant board muscle-ups, but use a foam block or two stacked instead of a slant board.

Foam Block Leg Drops

Lay on your back and place the foam block(s) under your feet. Keep your legs straight, and bring them up so your feet are pointed toward the ceiling. From there, slowly drop your legs back down, but don’t let them touch the block. Bring your legs all the way back up and repeat.

For an additional challenge at the end of your leg drops, hover your feet right above the foam blocks for as long as you can!

Get More Out of Your At-home Workouts

StrongTek fitness products make it easy to get more out of your workout whether you’re at home, at work, or at the gym. Explore more ways to stay strong & be well on the StrongTek blog.

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