Balance Board Exercises for Seniors

balance board exercises for seniors
Unfortunately, individuals 65 and older are at an increased risk of falling, which can be fatal for some and debilitating for others. In fact, falling is the leading cause of injury and death among adults 65 years of age and older, which makes it important for seniors to work on improving their balance and coordinating muscle groups.
Additionally, staying active wards off a number of health problems, as does maintaining proper body alignment. Increasing physical activity as an individual over 65 is an inarguably smart move to extend and improve quality of life.

How can seniors get active?

Using a balance board regularly can improve quality of life and promote independence. As long as fall-risk individuals are monitored properly, incorporating a balance board into a daily routine can be an easy way to start getting active.
Always remember to take new exercises slowly and only move forward when it's okay with your body. Everyone is different and will need to take exercises at their own pace. Even if you never step up from the first exercise, you'll still see the benefits of implementing fitness in your life.
When you're just beginning with a balance board (and especially if you're at risk for falling), set your board up so you have something to hold onto as you find your bearings. This could be something like a sturdy chair, the back of a couch, or a countertop. Once you're comfortable, you can let go and only grab again if you feel you're going to fall.
Start by just focusing on finding your balance. Really pay attention to how much pressure you're putting on each foot and where you find your weight shifting.
As you get more comfortable, you can make this simple activity more challenging. Try raising your arms until they're parallel to the floor or closing your eyes while you continue to maintain your balance. Remember to always have someone watching you and/or a stable object you can catch yourself on.

Put your balance to the test!

Ready to start incorporating more activity in your day? Introducing beginner balance board exercises can be an easy way to work on your balance and muscle coordination to live a healthier and more independent life.
Check out more beginner exercises and demonstrations of those mentioned above in this StrongTek Academy tutorial.
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