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7 Best Ways to Improve Functional Movement Performance

Experts have identified seven movement patterns that will increase your overall functional movement fitness—hinge, squat, lunge, push, pull, twist, and gait. If you haven’t already, do a functional movement screening at home to get a feel for how effectively you can perform each of these movements. Then, add the following exercises to your routine to improve your functional movement performance. 7 Moves for Functional Fitness All these moves will help you reach your other fitness and health goals. Incorporate them into your workout at least two days a week to improve your functional fitness. 1. Hinge Every time you bend over, you do a hinge. The thing is, most of us do it incorrectly, leading to lower back pain and injuries....

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These are the Best Stretches for Runners

Taking the time to stretch before and after a run can improve flexibility in your muscles and joints. It gives you more range of motion and reduces your chances of injury. The best stretches for runners can be different for everyone. You can decide what to stretch, which muscles to stretch, how long to hold each stretch and the speed at which you stretch.

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StrongTek Among The Best Balance Pads in the UK

StrongTek Balance Pads have made it onto the list of OriGym's 15 Best Balance Pads in 2021. With several balance pads available in the market, this is a huge recognition! OriGym is one of the most trusted health and fitness education companies in the UK. They specialize in supporting aspiring and experienced trainers in reaching their goals. They are recognized both in the UK and internationally for providing high-quality training courses.

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