6 Reasons to Meal Prep While Working from Home

Over the past few months, moving to working from home has been a significant lifestyle shift for many people. Your commute has disappeared — maybe your personal space has too. One thing that shouldn’t change? How you plan out your meals.

Sure, meal prepping while working literally a few feet away from the kitchen might sound a little funny, but it really does make sense.

1. You will save money.

Like bringing a lunch to work, if you have one already prepared, you’re less likely to order out. In 2015, Visa reported that Americans spend an average of nearly $3,000 each year on eating out for lunch. Even by avoiding just two $20 lunches out each week, you’ll save over $2,000 in a year.

meal prep

2. You will waste less food.

By meal prepping, you’re more likely to eat the food you buy. We’ve all been there: you’re at the grocery store and picturing all the meals you’ll make with fresh produce, skip to a week later you’ve forgotten about half of it and it’s rotting in the fridge. Instead of throwing away your groceries, make a plan to use up what you’ve bought, and shop based on your meal plan going forward.

3. You will keep a better working schedule.

Now that the lines between home and work are blurred, it’s even more important to enforce a schedule for yourself. When you have lunch prepped, you’re less likely to skip over the break since the work is already done. But, always remember that it’s important to take other breaks throughout the day that aren’t for eating. Something as simple as standing up and taking a lap around the kitchen is good every few hours.

4. You won’t need to think about lunch.

It goes well with keeping a schedule: when noon rolls around, it’s easy to dive right into the lunch you prepared. Without meal prepping, it’s easy to spend half your lunch hour making your lunch (or figuring out what you want) before you even get to take a break.

5. You will be less likely to eat due to boredom.

Working from home has made it hard not to snack all day long! If you’re a chronic boredom snacker, you’re not alone. By developing a meal plan, though, it easier to combat snacking. Prepare healthy snacks for throughout your day like nuts and fruit, then portion them out. Put them where you’ll see them before junk food. Further, by having meals planned out, you’ll be less likely to snack before mealtime.

6. It can be a great family activity.

While you’re stuck at home is as good of a time as any to talk to your children about healthy living. Depending on how old your children are, involve them in the process from planning to cooking. They’ll be excited to have a say in what they eat, and you’ll be instilling valuable life skills.

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