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Transfer Belt Set

Transfer Belt Set

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Complete Mobility Solution: The StrongTek Transfer Belt Set is designed to provide a secure and comfortable solution for individuals with mobility issues, enhancing safety and ease during transfers and ambulation.

Six-Handles: Our gait belt features six strategically positioned handles for optimal support and control, allowing for a secure and stable grip and minimizing the risk of falls during transfers.

Adjustable and Durable: The pt belt is adjustable to accommodate different body sizes. It's built for longevity with premium materials, ensuring repeated use without wear and tear.

High-Quality Physical Therapy Strap: The set includes a sturdy quick-release belt that enables safe assistance for elderly individuals while standing up. A great adaptive bed assistance product.

Versatile & Easy to Use: Whether aiding someone in standing up from a chair, supporting them during a walk, or transferring them from a wheelchair to a bed, these elderly lift assist devices ensure ease of use, making them essential caregiver supplies.

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