Which Balance Board is Right for Me?

With several varieties of balance boards to choose from, you might be unsure which model is right for you. While all of our products are made out of the highest quality materials, each product offers unique functionalities for different uses. In this article, we’re going to break down all of our balance board offerings to help you decide which matches your needs and wants. Aside from being a useful tool in the office, balance boards are also helpful at preventing ankle injuries.

Anti-Fatigue Balance Board

This is one of our most low-profile offerings and is a solid choice for individuals just making the transition to a standing desk setup. With a padded top and slightly curved bottom, it is easy to stand on when working for long hours. When used barefoot, the texturized standing platform also gently massages the feet in order to help with circulation. The minor tilting angle encourages movement without having to worry about maintaining your balance the entire time.

Professional Extra Large Wooden Balance Board

Do you often find yourself unable to concentrate when working throughout the day? This is a tried and true classic that helps you stay focused. Its multifunctional design encourages you to engage your core muscles. When you’re not working behind the desk, it can be used as a fitness accessory as well. The added instability provided by the rocking allows you to activate more muscles for increased difficulty when doing push-ups, squats, or stretches. Check out some of the many exercises you can do here.

Wobble Balance Board

Similar to the anti-fatigue balance board, this is a great option for those who are familiar with using a standing desk but are looking to step things up to the next level. Unlike the professional extra large wooden balance board, which may be daunting due to its wide range of motion, this is a happy medium between the two. This version also features the nubbed soft-touch finish which makes working barefoot a breeze. The key differentiator is that this has 360-degree rotation, giving you the ability to rock from side-to-side and front-to-back.

Wooden Under Desk Footrest

Haven’t made the switch to a standing desk quite yet? No worries, the wooden under desk footrest is an ideal solution for those who prefer a traditional desk setup. By elevating your feet and allowing them to rock back and forth, you can improve your circulation and fidget throughout the day. Its small, compact design easily fits underneath your desk and can conveniently be brought wherever you choose to work.

Oval Wood Balance Board

For those that prefer the look of natural wood to rubber, this is a good alternative to the wobble balance board. Rather than having a nubbed top coating, this features a grippier more textured surface that helps keep your feet in position when working out or being productive at work.

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