Three Ways to Use a Trigger Point Massager

Whether you just got a StrongTek trigger point massager or you’re considering buying one, this article will teach you exactly how to use it. The trigger point massager is incredibly versatile and can be used to deal with soreness on many body parts. Plus, its small size and light weight make it perfect for easy travel.

How to use a trigger point massager on your arms.

This arm muscle roller makes it easy to work out tight knots and sore muscles. Use a forearm muscle roller in weight lifting and tennis recovery to reduce soreness faster.

Open the massager and close it around your arm. Apply light pressure as you roller the massager up and down your upper arm or forearm.

Using a trigger point massager on your legs.

Our rolling massager for legs is perfect for targeting sore quads and calves. Similar to massaging your arms, open to massage to position it around your leg. From there, apple pressure and move the massager up and down over the targeted area.

Massaging your core with a trigger point massager.

This unconventional use for our massager was brought to our attention by a customer and we love it!

Sore abs? Open the massager around your waist. Move up and down over your ab muscles after a workout to reduce soreness.

It’s as easy as that! One tool — three ways to use it. Be sure to check out our fitness academy for more tutorials, fitness inspiration, and guides.

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