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Safe Exercises to Keep Seniors Healthy and Strong

There are plenty of examples of exercises that are known to be both safe and beneficial for seniors. They will not only keep them healthy, but will also improve their balance and strength, which are things that every aging adult needs. Staying active is essential, no matter what your age is. Current guidelines recommend that seniors (ages 65 and older) who are generally fit get at least 150 minutes of moderate activity per week.

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7 Stretches to Do on Your Lunch Break

Whether you’re working from home or working in an office, sitting for long periods of time can wreak havoc on your body and put you at an increased risk for some diseases. If you’re able to, take advantage of your work break to get some stretching in! You can also do this routine before or after your shift. Shake it Out Sitting all day can cause poor blood circulation. It’s important to move regularly to ensure your blood is able to reach all parts of your body. Start by getting your body moving and the blood flowing. Start with your right hand, and shake it for 10 seconds, then your left hand, your right foot, and finally your left foot....

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