Make the Most of Working From Home

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We've all had to adjust to the new normal of working at home, and while some businesses may be eagerly looking to bring operations back to normal, in many areas cases still continue to spike.
Just as cabin fever is really starting to set in, many are finding it more and more difficult to get out of bed and be productive every day. If this is you, understand that you're not alone; this is a stressful & uncertain time for everyone.
There's a good chance that even if your company does go back to working in office, you'll have to return to working remotely during the fall and winter when a resurgence is expected. Explore how you can make the most of working at home, despite present circumstances.
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Try out different environments.

Don't hole yourself up in a dark room all day because it's the only place you have a desk. Explore different locations in your home.
  • Try migrating to a patio or deck in the afternoon to enjoy the sun when it's warm.
  • Catch up on emails from your phone at the kitchen table in the morning while you enjoy coffee with your family.
  • Consider wrapping up your afternoon projects on the couch.
However, if you have a problem setting boundaries and getting time away from work, it can be important to set physical barriers for where you get work done. If you're always answering emails from your phone first thing when you wake up and still at 10 pm or whipping out your laptop just to make a few last-minute changes, try to set up a designated space or two for working and limit any work-related activities to those locations.

Stay active.

No, you don't have to aspire to be the fitness bloggers you see on Instagram. And, you shouldn't feel guilty for not wanting to workout constantly, even while working from home. However, staying active doesn't need to be a huge time commitment nor do you have to dedicate your full attention to it.
Find ways to stay active while you're still at your desk. You'll keep your mind engaged, stay more awake, and won't get as drowsy by 2 pm. If you do have a little extra time and want to, explore other exercises for staying active at home — it can even be a fun family activity.

Take breaks.

Even at the office you normally wouldn't work for 8 hours straight. You'd make bathroom trips, grab a snack, or get roped into a conversation with your coworkers. Give yourself the same leeway when working from home.
If you can, take a full hour away from work and your desk area to eat lunch in the middle of your day. Interact with your family and hear what they've been up to for the morning. If you're in an area without too many people, take short breaks to go on walks.
Stepping away from the computer and getting your body moving will help ward off burnout and make it easier to remain effective at your job.
take pto

If all else fails, take some time off.

If you have PTO, don't be afraid to use it right now. Despite spending so much time at home, we could all use a break from work occasionally. Even if you feel like you want to save your time for vacations later in the year, consider all the travel restrictions that have been placed and the ever-climbing infection rate. Using the time now may be worth it if you can overcome burnout and return feeling refreshed.
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