How to Inflate & Customize Your StrongTek Hedgehog Balance Pods

Each of our customers have unique wants and needs, so we keep multi-functionality and customizability in mind when launching our products. Whether it be our highly-adaptable foam yoga wedges, or our wooden balance boards, we devote time to ensure that our products will exceed the needs of all of our customers.

This week we are highlighting the customizability of our StrongTek Hedgehog Balance Pods. If you’re unfamiliar with this product, the hedgehog pod & disk system is great for increasing the difficulty of your workouts while making them more fun, too! Check out some of the versatile exercises you can perform with them here.

Each hedgehog pod and disk is packaged with a portable hand pump. This allows you to adjust the amount of air in the pods, giving you a highly-tailored experience that allows you to effortlessly adjust the air pressure depending on the exercise and your skill level. 

Keep in mind, that the more air that is in the pod, the more difficult it will be to maintain balance. The less air in the pod, the easier it will be to stand on. 

To adjust the air level, simply turn the device over and locate the pump hole like so:

If you’d like to increase the amount of air in the pod or disk, simply insert the pump nozzle into the hole on the bottom like so and pump a few times until at the desired level:

Be sure not to over-inflate the device as this could damage the product. Use your discretion. 

If you’d like to decrease how full the pod is of air, simply unscrew the nozzle from the pump and insert it into the hole. Once in, push to the side like so while using your other hand to firmly press on the pod:

Now, feel free to experiment with the amount of air levels and discover a perfect combination for your experience level and the specific exercise you’re performing. 

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