How to Have Recess at Home

recess at home

The global coronavirus pandemic has been tough on everyone. Even if your kids aren’t old enough to understand the nuances of current events, they’re likely still feeling anxious and confused — a lot of changes have taken place recently!

As a kid, it can be difficult to transition to online learning. They’re not used to not being able to see or play with their friends. Instead of hands-on learning, they might be forced to listen to videos of their teacher all day long. All of these factors combined can make it very challenging for kids to learn.

Introducing a few opportunities to get the wiggles out can be a great way to improve your little learner’s digital schooling experience.

learning from home

Exercise supports learning.

Over the past few months, you may have already experienced some side effects of having your family cooped up at home. Your kids may have been more anxious, antsy, and hyperactive without opportunities to get their energy out. (And let’s not forget how hard it has made bedtime!)

Incorporating physical activity into their daily routine will help your kids focus more, leaving them less anxious and able to do better in school. Regular exercise also stimulates brain growth and boosts cognitive function.

If the ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 has you unsure about leaving the house, you might wonder how to help your kids exercise if you can’t go on walks or run around at parks. Consider creating recess at home -- not only will this give them an opportunity to release pent up energy, it will give you a break too.

Introduce physical activity throughout the school day.

Incorporating exercise throughout the day can increase your kids’ focus when it comes time to do school (and make sure they’re good and tired when it’s time for bed). Here’s how you can have recess at home:

  • Build a morning routine for after breakfast. Some jumping jacks can be a great way to get your heart pumping and brain alert. If you’re in an apartment where noise is a concern, swap the jumping for squats!
  • Introduce fidget-friendly furniture. It can be challenging for kids to focus on learning from a video. Furniture that lets them fidget can help increase focus and is a great way to incorporate a little more activity into their days.
      • Balance boards are great when paired with standing desks.
      • Rocker boards can be placed right under a standard desk for your child to use when seated.
      • Hedgehog balance pods can be fun to use to increase circulation while watching virtual lessons or as part of a game outside of class.
    • Play games. Recess isn’t just for during school, and it’s not just for kids either! Play games as a family after school and on weekends. If you have space and good weather, get outside! 
        • Have crabwalk races down the hallway.
        • Play hopscotch in the driveway.
        • Blow up a balloon and don’t let it hit the ground!

      recess at home

      Make physical activity part of your routine.

      Just as you have had to adapt to working from home, your kids have to adapt to their new routines and ways of learning, too.

      Finding ways to stay active has a multitude of benefits for you and your children. Developing a plan to include physical activity throughout your day can be an effective way to improve your child’s learning experience and bond as a family. Instead of focusing on the frustrations of the pandemic, take advantage of the time you have together and make memories your kids will always remember.

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