7 Stretches to Do on Your Lunch Break

Whether you’re working from home or working in an office, sitting for long periods of time can wreak havoc on your body and put you at an increased risk for some diseases. If you’re able to, take advantage of your work break to get some stretching in! You can also do this routine before or after your shift.

Shake it Out

Sitting all day can cause poor blood circulation. It’s important to move regularly to ensure your blood is able to reach all parts of your body. Start by getting your body moving and the blood flowing. Start with your right hand, and shake it for 10 seconds, then your left hand, your right foot, and finally your left foot. Repeat!

Shoulder Rolls

You may not even notice all the tension you’re holding in your shoulders while working until your get home for the day. Do some shoulder rolls to release the tension. Do ten forward rolls, ten backward rolls, and repeat.

Ear to Shoulder

Give your neck a stretch. Tilt your head to the right, elongating your neck and bringing your ear toward your right shoulder. Hold for a few moments, then roll your head forward and back to a neutral position. Repeat on the left side, then repeat the entire exercise, rolling your head backward instead of forward.

Heel Raises

Standing next to a desk or chair, raise your heels off the floor, putting your weight into the balls of your feet. Try to keep your knees straight, but not locked. If you need to, grab onto the desk or chair for support. Do ten raises then rest for a few moments, then do another ten.

Arm Stretchesstrongtek arm stretches

Pull your right arm across your chest, holding it close to your with your left hand. Hold here for a few moments. Then, reach above your head behind your back with your right arm. Try to put your right hand flat between your shoulder blades. Use your left hand to put pressure on your elbow. Repeat on the left side, then do the sequence again.

Wrist Pulls

Typing all day can put a serious strain on your wrists. Stretching regularly can help reduce pain. Hold your right arm out with your hand flexed like you’re telling someone to “stop”. With your left hand, pull the tops of your fingers back toward you. After a few moments, rotate your arm so your right fingers are pointing downward. Again, use your left hand to pull closer to your body. After a few moments, repeat on the left side.

Torso Folds

strongtek torso folds stretch

For this final stretch, you’ll need a little bit more space. Even in the most ergonomic of chairs, your back will still likely be sore after sitting for hours on end. Do some torso stretch to relieve some of the tension you may be holding in your back.

Start by standing with your feet slightly wider than your hips and your arms out to the sides. Reach up and over to the right side, bending at your hip. Be sure to elongate your torso. Hold for a few seconds, then do the same on the left. Repeat the entire exercises a few times over.

From the same starting position, take both arms up over your head and clasp your fingers together at the top. Fold forward at your hips, reaching down for the ground. Again, pay attention to your spine — imagine leaving space between each vertebra.

Stay Active Throughout the Workday

A lunchtime stretch is a great way to ward off some of the negative impacts associated with sitting for long periods of time. However, there are benefits to introducing more activity into your day. 

Balance boards, rocker boards, and wobble boards are all desk accessories that make it easy for you to stay active while working, without distracting yourself or your coworkers. Explore the StrongTek products you’ll want to bring to your office.

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