What Are Basic Wooden Slant Board Exercises?

A wooden slant board is an excellent and powerful accessory to incorporate into your fitness regimen. The board specifically targets leg muscles but benefits your entire body. The following exercises are perfect for beginners looking to stretch their calves and Achilles tendons.

How do I stretch my calves with a wooden slant board?

Place your wooden slant board on a flat surface. Start by stepping onto the board, placing your feet hip-width apart. Keep your heels and the balls of your feet flat on the board. Straighten your spine and breathe into the pose. 

 Easy enough? Press your hips forward to deepen the stretch, and once you’re comfortable with that, move your board up to the next level! Continue to move the board up until you’re feeling a nice gentle stretch in your calves. 

 How do I stretch my Achilles tendon with a wooden slant board?

Start with your wooden slant board on a flat surface. Step onto the board, with your feet parallel and hip-width apart. Then, start to bend your knees, keeping your feet flat on the board. Take a breath in this position, before straightening and stepping off. 

At StrongTek, we believe your health should be a top consideration in everything you do, which is why we created the Wooden Slant Board. Recommended by physical therapists, this multi-functional slant board is adjustable to five different heights, perfect for any workout!

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