Toilet Stools: The Bathroom Trend You Can't Afford to Miss

The simple act of visiting the bathroom, a daily ritual most of us barely think twice about, has undergone a significant transformation. Welcome to the world of toilet stools, a bathroom accessory that's swiftly becoming a must-have. But what's behind this new trend, and why is everyone so excited about a stool in the bathroom?

A woman putting toilet stool

The Historical Stance

Let's take a step back into time. The modern toilet design, which has us sitting at a near-right angle, is relatively new when you consider the broader scope of human history. Traditionally, most of the world's population would squat when defecating. It's a posture that has been adopted for thousands of years and is still prevalent in many parts of Asia and Africa. There’s a reason for this – it’s all about anatomy.

The Science Behind the Squat

Human anatomy is designed in a way that squatting makes the process of elimination smoother and more complete. The colon has a natural kink that helps maintain continence. When we squat, this kink is straightened, allowing for an easier and fuller evacuation. This position also engages the right muscles and pressure, ensuring a healthier, faster, and strain-free bowel movement.

Enter toilet stools. They help us mimic the squatting posture by elevating our feet and adjusting our posture on the modern toilet. But the benefits don't just stop at improved bowel movements.

Top Benefits of Toilet Stools

Prevention of Constipation: With the aid of a toilet stool, your body is positioned in a way that can help prevent constipation. It relaxes the puborectalis muscle, allowing the colon to empty more completely.
Reduced Straining: By aligning the recto-anal angle, a toilet stool can help reduce the need to strain, thus reducing the risk of hemorrhoids.
Better Gut Health: Incomplete evacuation can lead to bloating and discomfort. A more natural squatting position promotes a healthier gut and better digestion.
Prostate Health: For men, using a toilet stool can help empty the prostate gland more effectively, promoting better urinary health.
Enhanced Privacy: Let's face it, not everyone is comfortable discussing their bathroom habits. A discreet toilet stool can be your secret weapon to better health without anyone being the wiser.

Making a Choice

Given the growing popularity of toilet stools, there's a variety to choose from today. From collapsible designs for the frequent traveler to chic wooden stools that elevate your bathroom aesthetics, there's something for everyone. When picking one, consider your bathroom's size, your physical needs, and your style preference.

wooden toilet stool

The Environmental Angle

With more complete evacuation, people tend to use less toilet paper, which is a win-win for both your wallet and the environment. Reducing the demand for toilet paper helps in conserving trees, water, and the energy used in the production and transportation of these products.

Overcoming Skepticism

Every trend has its skeptics. For those unsure about this shift, it's worth noting that several studies and reviews back the benefits of squatting. Medical professionals and physiologists often endorse the health advantages of this age-old posture. The positive testimonials flooding the internet are hard to ignore, from those who've found relief from chronic constipation to those who've said goodbye to hemorrhoids.


In the ever-evolving journey towards health and well-being, sometimes we need to look back and learn from our ancestors. The practice of squatting is rooted in the natural design of our bodies. With toilet stools, we've found a simple, effective way to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern living.

Isn't it fascinating how something as humble as a stool can change our health paradigm? The next time you think about bathroom upgrades, remember – it's not always the grand changes that make the biggest difference. Sometimes, all you need is a little elevation.

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