How Squat Wedge Blocks Can Improve Your Squat Form?

Squats are the perfect exercise to help you reach your goals, whether you’re trying to lose weight, get in shape, or simply gain more mobility to make everyday tasks easier.

Strongtek squat wedge block

Squat wedge blocks can help you get a deeper squat while keeping your form, protecting your ankles, and improving your hip and ankle mobility. They’re perfect for athletes of all levels, from elite to novice.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider getting squat wedges.

  1. Increase range of motion

People of all athletic abilities struggle with poor ankle flexibility and hip mobility. This can make it a challenge to get into a full squat for novices and heavy lifters alike. However, a squat wedge can help you move your knee forward to increase your squat depth without risking an injury.

  1. Get more quad engagement

If you’re trying to target your quads, you should consider using a squat wedge block. Raising your heel will push your knee forward. This movement puts more emphasis on your quads as you lift.

  1. Protect your back

When you’re doing weighted squats, you need to make sure your back is protected. A squat wedge block will protect your back by reducing the amount of pressure on your lumbar spine so you can add more weight to your squat without adding extra pressure. 

  1. Keep yourself upright

Novice squatters tend to fall forward when they squat, especially when they add weight. This is often because the squatter has tight hip flexors or weak glutes. But, don’t worry—your hips and glutes will get stronger the more you squat!

In the meantime, squat wedge blocks will help you stay upright and prevent you from falling forward. This will train your body to perform squats with the correct form, which will ensure that you continue squatting safely as you get stronger.

  1. Optimize knee stability

Quads and glutes get most of the glory when we talk about squats, but your knees are essential for making the squat happen. They need to be aligned with the feet during your squat and shouldn’t cave in.

When your knees lack stability, you might feel wobbly as you squat down and up instead of performing the move in one smooth motion. This can cause injuries and end up doing more harm than good. Squat wedges optimize knee stability to ensure you do every squat safely and in good form.

Bonus: Helps with other exercises

In addition to improving your squat form, squat wedges can provide wrist support when doing planks, push-ups, or yoga

Why We Love Squats

Athletes in all sports love squats because they target your whole body. Just about every muscle group in your lower body gets involved in a squat, including your glutes, quadriceps, core, obliques, calves, hips, and hamstrings.

In addition to building muscle in your lower body, squats can strengthen the ligaments and tendons around your legs. This increases stability and prevents injuries.

Squats aren’t just for athletes, though. Anyone can do them. In fact, everyone should do them.

Squats are excellent for improving your range of motion and making everyday activities more accessible.

The great thing about squats is that you can do them anywhere at any time at any age. The only equipment you might need is a set of squat wedge blocks to help you stabilize your body so you can get a better squat.

Ready to Squat? Try StrongTek’s Cork Squat Wedges

At StrongTek, we create products to help everyone with functional fitness. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a novice looking to improve your mobility, you can benefit from our cork squat wedges.

Strongtek cork squat wedge blocks

We use cork for a few reasons. First, it’s eco-friendly and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or other ingredients. Next, it’s incredibly sturdy. The high-density construction of our cork squat wedges allows them to hold up to 1,300 pounds without warping. In addition, cork has a rough surface that allows for a solid grip to keep users safe. Finally, cork is easy to clean.

Our squat wedges are light and portable. Store them in your home gym or pop them in your gym bag, so they’re available anytime you need to do some squats. Order yours today!

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