5 Benefits of Balance Exercise

Balance is fundamental to every move we make, from performing intense exercises at the gym to simply standing up. That’s why including balance exercises into your daily routine is critical for good health.

Everyone can benefit from balance exercises, from elite athletes to aging adults. Incorporating balance exercises will help you become stronger and more confident. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes of balance training a day to notice a difference!

Balance exercise improves your posture

 Here are five benefits of adding balance exercises to your fitness regimen.

Benefit 1: Prevent Fall-Related Injuries

When you have a good balance, your body is more attuned to the environment around you. It means your body can more quickly adapt to changes in ground conditions. Instead of falling on an icy patch of sidewalk, for instance, you can stay upright, potentially preventing a nasty break or sprain.

If you do fall and injure yourself, including balance drills as part of your rehabilitation can speed up your recovery and help you prevent getting injured in the future. For example, the StrongTek balance board is excellent for helping patients recovering from foot or ankle surgery by gently strengthening muscles in the feet and ankles.

Benefit 2: Improve Cognitive Function

It takes a lot of mental effort to stay balanced! You don’t think about it normally, but once you spend some time focused on standing on one foot or trying to balance on a moving surface, you’ll find that you have to concentrate just to stay upright. All of this mental work is beneficial for your overall health.

Studies have shown that healthy adults who regularly do balance training exercises can improve their memory and spatial awareness more effectively than healthy adults who only focus on cardio exercises.

Benefit 3: Have Better Posture

As a society, our posture is pretty terrible. Lots of us spend our days in a seated position, hunched over a keyboard. Even people who are more active throughout the day might succumb to lousy posture due to weakened core muscles

You can improve your posture quickly by simply spending a few minutes a day working on your balance. As you balance using static and dynamic positions, your body will have to adjust to its natural form. Plus, you’ll strengthen key muscles, including your back, core, buttocks, and legs, which will naturally help you stand (or sit) up straight.

Benefit 4: Improve Joint Stability

Balancing strengthens your joints, including your ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders. When your joints are stable, they are less likely to get injured. Joint injuries can range from acute pain to more serious sprains and breaks.

Many runners experience pain in their knees and ankles. Incorporating balance training into your running routine can keep your joints stable, making it less likely that you’ll need to take time off from your training because of an injury.

Benefit 5: Prevent Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common ailment, especially among desk workers. Often, this is due to weak abdominal muscles, which are the front attachment point for the spine. If they’re weak, your back will need to work harder to keep you upright.

Adding some balance exercises to your day will naturally strengthen your core muscles. In return, your abdominal muscles will be able to pull their weight, taking pressure off your lower back and allowing you to stand, sit, and move without back pain.

Practice Balance at Home with the StrongTek Professional Balance Board

Wooden balance board exercise at home

 In the long run, balance exercises can help people of all ages and abilities enjoy a comfortable and fashionable life. The great thing about balance training is that you don’t need a lot of space or equipment to practice it!

For instance, you can use our professional balance board in any room of your home. Add it to your home gym, keep it by your desk, or use it at night when you’re watching your favorite TV show.

We believe practicing balance is essential for everyone, regardless of age, skill level, or ability. That’s why we designed our professional balance board to be accessible to beginner and intermediate users alike. You can get a great low-impact workout from anywhere. With a non-stick bottom and ergonomic design, our balance board will help you strengthen your core and prevent injuries safely and effectively. Give it a try!

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