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Oval Balance Pad & Resistance Band

Oval Balance Pad & Resistance Band

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Boost Overall Fitness: Strengthen your core, enhance stability, balance, and mobility, and tone muscles with our dynamic pairing of foam balance pad and elastic band.

Quality and Durability: Crafted from high-density foam, our balance pad ensures secure performance while the skin friendly TPE resistance band provides reliable and varying levels of resistance.

Versatile Workout Companion: Whether you're into yoga, pilates, dance, or athletic conditioning, this 25lbs resistance exercise band adjusts to your fitness routine, promoting an efficient and well-rounded workout.

Suitable for Rehabilitation: Excellent for post-surgery or injury recovery, the foam pad fosters joint stability and strength, making it a valuable physical therapy equipment.

For All Fitness Levels: Ideal for beginners and seasoned athletes alike, the balance cushion and resistance band set allows for progressive training, accommodating every stage of your fitness journey.

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