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These are the Best Stretches for Runners

Taking the time to stretch before and after a run can improve flexibility in your muscles and joints. It gives you more range of motion and reduces your chances of injury. The best stretches for runners can be different for everyone. You can decide what to stretch, which muscles to stretch, how long to hold each stretch and the speed at which you stretch.

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5 Benefits of Balance Exercise

Balance is fundamental to every move we make, from performing intense exercises at the gym to simply standing up. That’s why including balance exercises into your daily routine is critical for good health. Everyone can benefit from balance exercises, from elite athletes to aging adults. Incorporating balance exercises will help you become stronger and more confident. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes of balance training a day to notice a difference!  Here are five benefits of adding balance exercises to your fitness regimen. Benefit 1: Prevent Fall-Related Injuries When you have a good balance, your body is more attuned to the environment around you. It means your body can more quickly adapt to changes in ground conditions....

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