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StrongTek Among The Best Balance Pads in the UK

StrongTek Balance Pads have made it onto the list of OriGym's 15 Best Balance Pads in 2021. With several balance pads available in the market, this is a huge recognition! OriGym is one of the most trusted health and fitness education companies in the UK. They specialize in supporting aspiring and experienced trainers in reaching their goals. They are recognized both in the UK and internationally for providing high-quality training courses.

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New Program Announcement: StrongTek Cares

StrongTek was founded by two brothers who struggled with chronic back pain due to years spent sitting at office jobs. We don’t want anyone to go through that. At StrongTek, we believe practicing healthy habits and living a balanced lifestyle is key to living your happiest life. We created our line of fitness products with ease and portability in mind. We have a variety of products, including balance boards, slant boards, yoga accessories, massagers, and much more, all designed to make it more convenient for you to live a healthier life.  It’s important to have a healthy lifestyle rooted in your community, but we know this isn’t attainable for everyone. That’s why we started StrongTek Cares. Each month, we will...

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